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Personal Styling 

Tired of feeling lost with a closet full of clothing, but you feel you have nothing to wear? Longing for a wardrobe that reflects your unique personality and boosts your confidence?

The Haute Edit is your passport to a transformative style journey, guided by the expert hand of style authority Amanda Wood. We offer bespoke styling experiences for both men and women, virtually or in-person, catering to your individual needs and preferences. Click below to learn more . .. 

Style is a way to say

who you are 

without having to speak.

              — RACHEL ZOE

A profile of a man wearing a brown suit

Mens Styling

Unleash your inner style icon with our personalized men's styling services. Whether you're seeking a complete wardrobe overhaul or a refresh of specific areas, our expert guidance will help you discover your unique style and build a wardrobe that reflects your confidence.

A woman's trench coat

Womens Styling

Unleash your confidence and embrace your unique style with our personalized women's styling services. Whether you're navigating a career change, seeking a wardrobe refresh, or simply desiring a style boost, our expert guidance will help you discover your signature look and build a closet you love.

Are you Ready to Elevate and have MUCH less stress?

Did you know that most people only wear about 10-20% of their clothing? That means 80 to 90% is literally collecting dust and taking up space. Imagine the relief and extra time you could save by having a wardrobe that truly works for you. No more struggling to put together outfits each morning or feeling overwhelmed by an abundance of clothes.Discover your true style with my bespoke personal styling and image consulting services. They will elevate your style, confidence and your life. From wardrobe analysis to expert personal shopping and styling, grooming advice to precise body type and color analysis, I provide a comprehensive range of services. Whether you're a discerning gentleman or an elegant woman, I cater to your unique style preferences and aspirations.

Invest in yourself, make a lasting impression and have less stress! Schedule a consultation today to unveil your true personal style and embark on a transformative journey.

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