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Style and Transformation. Confidence and Results.Unleash your True Potential.

Personal styling is a harmonious blend of strategy and soul. It involves designing and executing a visual aesthetic that not only captivates but also converts. It's about creating a seamless fusion of style and substance, where aesthetics and conversion work hand in hand.

When you embark on a personal styling journey, I guide you through expressing your best self through to your outward appearance. It's a process that combines vision and manifestation, bringing your unique style vision to life.

Through personalized styling, I focus on curating outfits and looks that not only reflect your personality but also align with your goals and aspirations. It's about finding the perfect balance between style and functionality, so you feel confident and empowered in every situation.

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Meet the Founder
Amanda Wood

Amanda is the go-to stylist for minimalist luxury, power silhouetting, and executive polish.

With over 20 years of experience, inspired by proper British tailoring, Parisian chic, and a keen eye for clean, structured lines; Amanda has a refined her knowledge of international brands to deliver clients with an elegant mix of high street and high-end designers. She creates a truly bespoke styling experience beginning with an in-depth consultation to ensure Amanda’s interpretation of a client’s tastes and inspiration resonates with their own vision of their New Style.

There is an artisanal approach to sourcing, curating, and delivering outfit recommendations, whether delivered online to global clients or in person. 

A stylist led by a warm heart and a fierce determination to invoke your best self through carefully curated fashion choices.

Commonly asked questions

Do you style people in your style?

Short answer no, long answer, we go on your style journey together. During your Style Discovery Call, I will ask you a series of questions, have you review styles that you are already drawn to, and finally we will discuss a style direction that best fits all areas we discussed.

What store(s) do you prefer?

For each of my client's I suggest various different places depending on the answers given within their Style Discovery Call and what best suits their needs and budget.

Why should I hire a Personal Stylist?

Wether you need a few pieces or entire style refresh, the process can be very daunting without a Stylist's expertise to navigate you through and make the process fun rather than stressful.

What is the process from start to finish?

Every styling experience starts with the Style Discovery ZOOM Call, this is where we get to know each other, for you to feel free to ask any questions and go over any styling issues you may have. Once concluded, I will take all your responses and create a Personalized Style Mood Board for you; this is the visual representation of your new style. Next is the Wardrobe Edit. This is done either in person or virtually, wherein we go through your wardrobe to remove the pieces that are not doing you justice, those that do not wok for your lifestyle, and are holding you back from achieving your goals, along with a few other parameters. Next up is the In Person Shopping Day, this is the day where you see everything come together and your new style emerge. We meet at the store and I show you to your dressing room that is already set-up with all the pieces of your new wardrobe. I go through all the items, detailing out why they work and how to dress them up and down. Each look is styled on you, photographed and added to a website for your later reference. Lastly you choose the pieces you wish to purchase and I carry your bags to your car. ​

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Why is Personal Style important?

As you enter a room, hop on a ZOOM, or meet someone for the first time, your style is having a conversation before you can say anything. We only have 7 seconds to make a great first impression. I Love helping my clients find a style that brings out their best self.

Does Style really matter?

The emotional and mindset change I see in my clients when they look at themselves in the mirror in their new style, is why I do what I do. I love helping my clients find a style they love that helps them have such confidence, realize their goals and love the way they look!

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