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Amanda Wood, founder of The Haute Edit, exudes confidence and warmth as she sits in a chair, smiling at the camera—a vision o

I am passionate about crafting spaces that resonate with your lifestyle and aspirations. My bespoke interior design services locally in Philadelphia area, or virtually wherever you are, transform your living environment, whether you envision a chic urban penthouse, a warm and inviting suburban retreat, or a tranquil minimalist workspace. I seamlessly blend breathtaking aesthetics with purposeful functionality, creating spaces as unique as you are.

I reimagine your rooms with creativity, comfort, and inspiration, tailored specifically to how you want to live. By skillfully curating high-street and luxury items, I create home designs that reflect your unique style and preferences. My artistic eye and meticulous planning ensure every detail is handled, from expert color consultations and space planning to sourcing the perfect furnishings and décor. Together, we'll make your vision a reality, transforming your space into a harmonious haven that seamlessly blends functionality and personal expression.


 Each project is bespoke and fully personalized to your interior design needs. I look forward to creating your dream interior!

Ready to embark on your interior design journey?

Creating Spaces You Love

The Intrinsic Connection:
Style and Interiors

I believe that style and interiors are inseparable.

Here’s why:

A white and black Tom Ford book with a pair of Balenciaga sunglasses placed on top. The book cover features the Tom Ford logo and title in bold lettering. The sunglasses rest on the book cover, creating a stylish and elegant composition.

Personal Expression

  Your home reflects your personality.   Interior design allows you to express        your individuality through color             schemes, furniture choices, and                    decorative accents.

A black coffee table in a living room adorned with Tom Ford books, a candle, and a tree branch. The coffee table serves as a stylish centerpiece, with the books neatly stacked, a lit candle, and a decorative tree branch adding a natural touch to the arrangement.

Harmony and Balance:

Just as a well-put-together outfit exudes confidence, a thoughtfully designed interior brings harmony. Balance proportions, textures, and visual weight for a cohesive look.

A photograph of an unlit candle placed on a marble countertop. The candle rests upright, with its wick visible but not lit. The smooth surface of the marble provides a sleek backdrop for the candle.

Emotional Impact:

The right design can evoke emotions—calmness, excitement, or nostalgia. Whether it’s a cozy reading nook or a vibrant living room, interiors shape how you feel.

Delicate Fabric
Iconic Barcelona Chair and Ottoman elegantly positioned in a stylish living room against a backdrop of white curtains, showca


"Amanda is so incredibly talented! We were struggling to style our new office and after 2 months of agonizing over furniture and decor, we finally called in the professional. Within a week she had captured our vision. She listened to us, made the changes we requested, and created a space we are so happy with. Amanda created exactly the space we wanted".

-Annalise S.

White Texture

My Process


Step One_ The Initial Consultation

Unlock your interior style with a 30-minute virtual consultation tailored to your needs. We'll discuss your interior design needs, scope of the project, measurements, timeline, functional needs of the space, budget and The Haute Edit's Design Fee.

Step Two_The Style Discovery Call

We'll delve into your style and color preferences, any inspirational images you may have, lifestyle needs, and other design related questions. I strive to cultivate a profound understanding of the direction you envision for your interior style journey.

Step Three_The Proposal + Pricing 

Based on our discussion, I will draw up a proposal for your project which we will hop on a ZOOM Call to review.

Step Four The Vision + Interiors Style Mood Board

After our chat I will get to work creating the vision of your new Interior Design through a collection of Mood Boards, which will showcase your new interior style. 

Step five_The 3D Renderings

Once you are loving the vision, I will proceed to the renderings of the area(s) that I will be designing for you. This step truly represents how the final interior design will look.

Step Six_ The Interior Design Installation

This is the install phase of the design, wherein the vision comes to life.


Step Seven_ The Reveal

My favorite part of the process, where I reveal your newly styled interior to you!




Ready to step into a space that perfectly reflects your lifestyle and aspirations? Imagine stepping into your home each day and feeling inspired, comforted, and effortlessly stylish. My bespoke interior design services can help you achieve just that, transforming your space into a functional and beautiful sanctuary that aligns with your unique vision.

Let's work together to curate a space as unique as you are. From expert space planning and color consultations to sourcing the perfect furniture and decor, I handle every detail with a meticulous eye and a passion for creating dreamy, functional spaces you'll love.

Each design is fully bespoke to your needs, schedule a design consultation today and we will start crafting your ideal living environment.

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