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"Amanda is incredible. I was preparing to make more presentations for my business but had no outfits that I felt good in because I had gained weight. She had a way of discovering my style preferences of which I wasn’t even aware. She had all my options lined up when I got there and as I was trying on different sets, she was running back a forth to other stores to exchange items for me. She taught me little tricks of how to wear my clothes so that they flattered my current figure. She was the reason I felt confident when I made my presentations. Highly, highly recommend!" Jane G.

"My husband kept buying and wanting me to wear very revealing clothing  . . .and i didn't love it but loved that he loved it. Amanda showed me how to still wear sexy clothes that my husband loved, but where sophisticated sexy that I finally felt truly comfortable wearing."

-Sarah B.

"Amanda is AMAZING! I met Amanda at a networking event a couple months ago. Amanda took me under her wing and showed me how to attract the right type of client through the online space and in person. Not only has Amanda given me a beautiful, affordable wardrobe, she has helped me see my self worth. Since working with Amanda I can hear the confidence in my voice, as I am creating videos to promote my business. I have never been happier, thank you Amanda! If you're thinking about hiring The Haute Edit do not hesitate, you're in great hands."

-Caitlin D.


"It hit me last week, one week postpartum, how influential your work has been on my self-confidence. I stood in my closet, still with a small baby belly, but ready to take on the world again in more than the leisure wear I’d spent the last days of my pregnancy and early days of CC’s life rocking like a champ. Recalling your direction, I put together an outfit that made me feel like myself again and carefully concealed my little belly pouch behind a beautiful sweater and well-constructed blazer, skinny jeans, and those beautiful Rebecca Allen flats. I felt excellent the whole day. 


Throughout my pregnancy, I was complimented by how beautifully I was carrying and how great I looked. I’m not sure that I carried that differently than I did with my son three years before, but I know I was better dressed and put together thanks to your help. It’s often so hard to be pregnant with your body really not your own, but I felt I owned the clothes and the looks and it made all the difference during these last nine months. 


Today I feel happier than ever in my own skin, so thank you! Thank you for all that you’ve done to help me own this stage of my life."

-Elizabeth C. 

"Before working with Amanda I was playing small when it came to my style. I had been self conscious about my body for years and resorted to blending in when I really wanted to stand out. I had been looking for a stylist for a while, and when I met Amanda I knew I had to work with her. She listened to the style I was interested in, sent over a mood board, and then went shopping for me! She came over to my house, set up all the clothes, brought snacks, and put on fun music. She does a great job making you feel comfortable, and have an enjoyable experience. She helped push me out of the style comfort zone, and I would definitely recommend her. She really wants to help women feel beautiful through their clothing, and she has such a talent for it!"

-Ellie C.

"I was soooo nervous for my wardrobe edit  and personal styling day  to come. i was not sure why, but  i knew that i did not know fashion myself and needed some help. the day came, and after the wardrobe edit i was very emotional and not sure if i made the right choice, but Amanda comforted me and let me know i would appreciate all the change in the end. she rolled in a selection of new clothes, from what we talked about from the mood board, and i was excited again! she had me try on a bunch of outfits, incorporating items we had kept, and took pics so i would not forget what the outfits were. i was elated! and so excited at the new me with the best bits of the old me! it was hard at first but well worth it!"

-Joan W.

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 4.10.33 PM.png

"I attended Amanda’s collaboration with Banana Republic, where she styled me with pieces of varying fits, colors, and prices that amplified my personality’s style. She’s very good at reading another person’s best fitting style in interest of their confidence. There was a selection of affordable and luxury items that could be styled interchangeably in seamless ways. I wore all of the pieces the following week, which contained my birthday, a research conference, and a wine tasting event – the compliments towards my confidence and style were overwhelming. Amanda has lots of solid tips and tricks for maximizing a capstone wardrobe. She’s also a wiz in how to best upkeep your wardrobe’s quality so that your investment is well taken care of for years to come!"

-Cassie G.

"Amanda and I met at the store and she already had the dressing room set-up for me. amazing!!! I felt so special! I had never had anyone do something like this for me. I  began trying the items on and she styled and talked me through why she picked the items and why she was styling me the way she was. I loved all of it! I never would have picked out the items she did or the styles she did . . .but omg . . .I loved them all!"

-Kristi S

"I was pregnant with my first baby and hated the way i looked in everything. Amanda was able to show me how to dress and feel like myself . . . and even stylish! I suddenly looked forward to dressing in the morning and was no longer dreading it. Thank you!"

-Mindy D.

"Working with Amanda with The Haute Edit was transformational in so many ways! You think you are just cleaning out your closet and replacing some clothes. But it is SO much more than that. 

Amanda was professional and kind from start to finish. She helped me narrow down my style, brought me my favorite latte and gently guided me towards my upgraded look! She has a gift in bringing out the best in everyone. She reminded me of who I am, what I am worth and brought joy back in to my closet and self! 

I look forward to getting dressed and going out now. It is no longer overwhelming to think about what to wear and worry that something does not look good on me. The transformation continued into my daily life too! I cleaned out other closets, organized rooms, and updated my make up. 

The saying, "When you look good, you feel good" is accurate and The Haute Edit is the best company to work with to achieve your style! "

-Celia K.

"Working with Amanda to pare my wardrobe and then enrich my options with existing items and newly purchased pieces has given me the confidence to ensure my professional and personal style are projecting the fun, simple, and serious aspects of my personality. Having appreciated style in magazines and shops, her outside insights have helped me achieve those looks without purchasing everything in the store and most sitting in my closet. I am sure we will further add to strategically design wardrobe options. Thank you!"

-Brett H.

"Amanda is so amazing and thorough with her process. Even when we couldn't meet face to face she still puts together an extremely accurate and detailed look book that's personalized to me. That's not even to mention the amount of research and time that she put into it to get pictures, even going as far as getting screen grabs from an obscure tv show. I was very impressed from the overall experience and result, I would HIGHLY recommend!"

-Chad J.

Personal Styling_The Haute Edit

"I’ve always appreciated a certain style, but never knew how to dress myself as such. With Amanda’s help, I am confident in the choices I will make. She set me on the right path to enjoy clothes and how they make me feel. I never thought of certain outfit combinations. Amanda saw, planned, and presented the ensembles I want everyone to see on me. She is personable and relatable. I’m looking forward to our next cup of coffee for the next season!"

Elina H.

"Amanda Wood from the Haute Edit is amazing!! I really wasn't sure what my style was but based on our conversations and looking at different mood boards she was able help me find the exact style I loved!!  I felt like a princess shopping, each dressing room was laid out with perfectly with many choices.  I loved everything she picked for me and she taught me how to really put a wardrobe together accessories and all.  She even carried my bags.  She also went through my closet and got rid of stuff that didn't work for me.  After that she organized my closet too.  I highly recommend Amanda and the Haute Edit.  I can't wait for the Spring shopping trip.  I feel confident and I love all my clothes and all the different outfit options."

-Dawn S

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