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Personal stylist, image consultant, speaker, interior designer, and fashion aficionado elevating my clients' style and their lives.

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Amanda Wood   The Haute Edit


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In a vast array of choices and an inundation of AI-generated "Personal Stylists". I am here to listen to you, to guide you to a Style that is Authentically you. That feels like you.

The Elevated you


Step One

Wherein we discuss your style goals, challenges, and aspirations. By asking thought-provoking questions and using my 3-Word System,  I gain a deep understanding of where you want to take your style. Based on our discussion, I then create a tailor-made Style Mood Board, serving as a visual blueprint for your new style.

Step Two

Once we have a clear vision, we proceed to a Wardrobe Detox, eliminating items that no longer serve you, cause stress, or simply go unworn. This step streamlines your wardrobe, leaving you with pieces that truly reflect your style and make you feel confident.

Step Three

The next phase is the Atelier Concierge experience. Step into the dressing room, where carefully selected clothing awaits you. These pieces are chosen specifically for you, styled on you, and photographed to create your personal lookbook website.

As you gaze into the mirror, you'll witness your Best Self reflected back at you.

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starts with a chat.

Styling Services


Are you Ready to Elevate and have MUCH less stress?

Did you know that most people only wear about 10-20% of their clothing? That means 80 to 90% is literally collecting dust and taking up space. Imagine the relief and extra time you could save by having a wardrobe that truly works for you. No more struggling to put together outfits each morning or feeling overwhelmed by an abundance of clothes.Discover your true style with my bespoke personal styling and image consulting services. They will elevate your style, confidence and your life. From wardrobe analysis to expert personal shopping and styling, grooming advice to precise body type and color analysis, I provide a comprehensive range of services. Whether you're a discerning gentleman or an elegant woman, I cater to your unique style preferences and aspirations.

Invest in yourself, make a lasting impression and have less stress! Schedule a consultation today to unveil your true personal style and embark on a transformative journey.

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Ready to Have?

More Confidence
Less Stress
Achieve your Goals
Love your Look


"Since working with Amanda I can hear the confidence in my voice, as I am creating videos to promote my business. I have never been happier, thank you Amanda! If you're thinking about hiring The Haute Edit do not hesitate, you're in great hands!"

                     -Caitlin D.

Caitlin Durning client of The Haute Edit
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Rack of Womens Clothing from The Haute Edit
White Room
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Are you ready to look into your closet and see only the best peices for your body type, your lifestyle and your goals? To find the Perfect Look everyday, each day? And to be ready on time everyday feeling and looking your best?

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