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Men's Styling

Gentlemen, Do you HATE to Shop? Find that there are too many choices? Not enough time? Or find it to be a waste of time? I can help!

First, we meet for a quick coffee to chat about your Styling Needs . . .Are you a business man that does not have time to shop? Have you just lost a lot of weight and would like to try a new Style? Are you newly divorced and would like to start dating? Or are you just bored of your Style and would like to try something new?

With a compilation of your likes, dislikes, goals and image you want to present, I create a Personalized Style Mood Board for you. It depicts your new Style along with my vision of the Best Style for you​.

We further help you streamline the process by curating all the options into the selected stores dressing rooms during the Personal Shopping Trip. So all you have to do is hop in the Dressing Room, pop on a few outfits that I have styled for you, and you purchase the items you love, and leave the items you do not. Each outfit is photographed, so you do not have to recall what I styled for outfits.

Saving you time and frustration. Giving you the wardrobe and image you have always wanted!

Men's Styling Services

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