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Have you been thinking about starting your own Personal Styling Business, but have no idea where to start? Or are you tired of watching YouTube video, after YouTube video to try to figure things out? If this sounds like you, these modules will help!  Each module is designed to streamline your way to starting your business.

When you book a module, or go through all, you will be connected to a Personal Stylist that is currently stying, will guide you through the material, and is available for questions.

We take the intimidation out of the process of setting up your business and offer a personalized approach that you cannot get with static training.

By the end of the module(s) you choose, you will know how to set-up your business, have gone through real life situations that will get you more than ready for your first client and you will know the set-by-step processes for your personal styling business.

Pick the best Module(s) below for you!

Our Courses

Module 1:

The Set-Up

Within this module we will cover the tools to completely set-up your personal styling company; From your Vision to Creation. Come as you are . . .we will go through the very first steps to get your business set-up to the end of working with your first clients. You do not need to bring anything other than yourself and your creativity.

Module 3:

The tools of the trade

Tools of the Trade; We will cover the systems, platforms, affiliate links, and physical items utilized by Personal Stylists. Each of these items we will go in-depth on so you will come away with a full understanding of each.

Module 5:

The Extras

In this module we will go over In-Store Styling Events, Style Pulls, and Prep for Personal Shopping. This module will cover everything you need to know to have your first in person shopping client and much more!

Module 2:

The Branding

In this module we will cover how your Ideal Client will greatly influence your Branding, and go over Color Theory, Style Aesthetic and Composition.

Module 4:

The Clients

In this module we will cover working with clients; We will go over real life scenarios with clients, what questions to ask, and role play client interactions. After each role-play, you will feel very confident to work with your first client.

Module 6:

The Start-up Kit

With purchase of this module, you will receive a StartUpKit consisting off:

  • A Collapsible Rolling Rack   

  • Hangers

  • Ring Light w/Tripod

  • Garment Bags 

  • Tape Measure

"I absolutely loved these training Modules! Amanda Wood explains everything fully and is always able to help clarify if any questions arise."

Alyssa L.